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Annabel Burtt is a well respected and highly creative interior designer. Before settling in rural Lincolnshire she spent 5 years in London. Not only does this enable her to have a cosmopolitan, high-end approach to interiors but also harness everything beautiful about country living. She has created a unique family home in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside which showcases both approaches in style and palette. Here clients can come and view products and furnishings in an inspiring and relaxing environment.

“ I want to give clients the opportunity to see, feel and experience everything from fabrics, paints and wallpapers to furniture, lighting, varied window treatments and integrated audio visual systems without the sterile confinements of a shop or catalogue. This way you get to see true quality and craftsmanship up close in a home environment. Helping the client make a more informed and natural decision removes a lot of the guesswork and in turn reduces the margin for error, both traits that when doing up your own home can make the task not only daunting but altogether exhausting!”

Annabelʼs main ethos stems from her belief that good interior design does not need to cost the earth.

Profile Picture“People like personal service and everyone dreams of the opportunity to have things created in a bespoke manner. I can make this possible without breaking the bank! Sometimes starting from scratch isnʼt necessary and by working with items already in place, tweaking them slightly, I can make all the difference. Attention to detail is key as the placing of decorative pieces and combination of textures can really make a room.”

Annabel has a unique flair that encompasses everything which is aspirational and luxurious yet homely and practical.

Profile Picture“I find inspiration for a beautiful interior look can be found in the most unusual of places. A fine dining area or decadent hotel lobby can provide a new outlook on a particular style that translates into a more personal domestic space. Itʼs important to create strong, smooth visual links from one room to another and vital to have a harmonious approach to colour and style. This doesnʼt mean every area must look the same, you can still give each station a strong visual identity of its own. Overall designs should be functional, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to the style and period of the property.”